MILON Regulations

Use of MILON Packages


  1. These Regulations specify the terms and conditions for using MILON Packages at Centrum Kompleksowej Rehabilitacji Sp. z o.o. (hereinafter referred to as CKR). The MILON Package (hereinafter referred to as the Package) is a set of medical services that encompass preventive physiotherapy treatments.
  2. The services referred to in paragraph 1 include the services specified in the Package purchased by the Client, which consist of: a. Physiotherapy consultation determining the plan for preventive medical training. b. Use of physiotherapy equipment available at the CKR premises, in accordance with the plan for preventive medical training determined by the physiotherapist. c. Physiotherapy and training consultations to assess the progress of therapy, as follows: ca) For a 12-month Package – four consultations. cb) For a 6-month Package – three consultations. cc) For a 3-month Package – two consultations. cd) For a 1-month Package and Student/Senior Package – one consultation.
  3. The services specified in paragraph 2 are provided at the CKR premises at the following addresses: ul. Majdańska 12 – Warsaw / ul. Gałczyńskiego 4 – Warsaw / ul. Jagiellońska 6 – Zielonka / ul. Gąsiorowskiego 12/14 – Konstancin Jeziorna *.
  4. CKR undertakes to provide the services specified in paragraph 2, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the subsequent provisions of the Regulations.
  5. The purchase of the Package and the receipt of an Entry Card confirm the Client’s entitlement to use the medical services.
  6. The Client is required to sign a shortened information clause confirming their familiarization with these Regulations, which are available at the CKR premises and on the website
  7. The Client must be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity to become a Client of CKR. A minor Client who has reached the age of 16 has the right to give consent to undergo an examination or receive other medical services. For a Client under the age of 16, legal guardians give such consent.
  8. The Client may use CKR medical services during the opening hours of the facility.


  1. Every CKR Client is obliged to: 1.1. Familiarize themselves with and comply with these Regulations. 1.2. Sign the GDPR information clause. 1.3. Undergo a qualifying medical examination before commencing the use of the Package and inform CKR of any changes in their health condition that may affect the ability to fulfill the contract. 1.4. Submit a declaration stating that there are no health contraindications to using the services provided by CKR. 1.5. Wear changeable, covered sports footwear while on CKR premises. 1.6. Change into sportswear (different from the clothing worn upon arrival at CKR) before entering the exercise room. 1.7. Use white towels with the CKR logo during exercise. 1.8. Wear pool footwear with a non-slip rubber sole in areas such as bathrooms and shower rooms. 1.9. Maintain cleanliness, adhere to generally accepted behavior norms, and follow the rules of hygiene when using CKR services. 1.10. Store personal belongings in the lockers provided only during their stay at CKR.

1.11. Return the locker key after their stay at CKR. 1.12. Use the premises, equipment, and devices belonging to CKR in accordance with their intended purpose. The CKR Client is financially liable for any intentional damage or destruction of premises, equipment, or devices belonging to CKR. 1.13. Comply with fire safety regulations and usage instructions for individual rooms, equipment, and devices belonging to CKR, especially those provided by physiotherapists. 1.14. Leave the CKR premises no later than its closing time. 1.15. In the event of loss or damage to the Entry Card, inform CKR within 7 days of the occurrence. A new card will be issued upon payment of the duplicate card fee specified in the price list.

  1. A Client is not entitled to use CKR services if they have outstanding payments for at least one billing period or other payments to CKR.


  1. The following types of Packages are available: a) 12M Package (12-month) b) 6M Package (6-month) c) 3M Package (3-month) d) 1M Package (1-month) e) Student/Senior Package
  2. The 1, 3, 6, and 12-month Packages can be used by the Client for the duration specified in the Package, starting from the date of purchase.
  3. The Student/Senior Package can be used by the Client for a period of 1 month from the date of purchase. The Package is valid for students up to 26 years of age with a valid student ID and for seniors aged 65 and above.
  4. It is possible to purchase a one-time Package, entitling the Client to a single use of the services at a time agreed upon with CKR staff.
  5. In the event of significant obstacles or unforeseen circumstances, the Client has the option to suspend the Package for a period of: a) Up to 60 days for a 12-month Package. b) Up to 30 days for a 3-months and 6-months package

c) up to 14 days – in the case of a 1-month package and Student/Senior package.

  1. The suspension of package services is only effective when reported to the designated person in charge at CKR.
  2. The suspension of a package in the case of 3, 6, 12-month packages does not change the client’s payment schedule. The suspension period can be utilized after the expiration of the package duration. In the case of the Student/Senior package, the suspension shifts the payment and billing cycle of the client proportionally to the number of suspended days.
  3. Each training session is conducted or coordinated by a designated physiotherapist.
  4. CKR undertakes, in particular, to: a) provide services specified in the agreement with the utmost care in accordance with the principles of medical knowledge and rehabilitation practice; b) maintain documentation in accordance with applicable laws;
  5. Medical documentation created during the provision of services mentioned in §1 is the property of CKR and is kept at the CKR premises. § 4 SPECIAL PACKAGES
  6. CKR Sport may introduce special packages (Special Package) with terms specified in the regulations of the respective package available at the Physiotherapy Training Studio.
  7. Special packages cannot be combined unless explicitly stated otherwise in the regulations.
  8. Clients using Special Packages are required to familiarize themselves with the regulations of the Special Packages.
  9. The regulations of the Special Packages may be subject to change – clients will be notified of any changes via email.
  10. The current regulations of the Special Packages are available at the Physiotherapy Training Studio.
  11. In matters not regulated by the regulations of the Special Packages, the provisions of this Regulation apply. § 5 GROUP SESSIONS
  12. Within the special packages mentioned in § 4, group physiotherapy sessions can be conducted.
  13. Clients must strictly follow the recommendations of the physiotherapist during group sessions.
  14. During group sessions involving equipment (e.g., mats), clients are required to use a towel.
  15. Reservations for group sessions are made through the online system in the client zone.
  16. CKR reserves the right to use alternative registration methods in individual cases.
  17. The number of spots for group sessions is limited*. In case of no availability, the online system creates a waiting list for group sessions. Priority is given to individuals at the beginning of the waiting list. Notifications (email) regarding being placed on the main list are automatically sent by the system.
  18. CKR reserves the right to cancel group sessions due to insufficient attendance (less than 4 people).
  19. Clients are required to cancel their reservations at least 2 hours before the start of the session. Cancellations can be made through the client zone or by contacting the CKR facility where the package was purchased.
  20. In case of 4 or more absences within a month that were not canceled by the client, CKR has the right to block the client’s ability to make reservations in the client zone for a period of 14 days from the date of the last absence.
  21. Absence of the client from group sessions at CKR, for which the client was registered but did not cancel, is considered as an attended visit.
  22. Clients participating in group sessions for the first time are obligated to inform the physiotherapist/instructor before the session begins in order to allow for an interview and potential physiotherapy examination.
  23. The operation of air conditioning or opening/closing windows is the responsibility of the person conducting the session/staff. § 6 FEES
  24. The amount of fees depends on the type of package and the current price list.

The price list with the scope of services is determined by CKR and may be changed at any time, with CKR being obligated to inform the Client of any planned changes at least one week before their implementation. 3. CKR may introduce promotional campaigns that may include current and future Clients on a voluntary, non-obligatory basis.

  1. Payment settlement is done through the commercial registration using a credit card.
  2. The Client does not have the possibility to request a refund for the unused value of the Package or transfer the Package to another person.
  3. CKR charges a one-time fee associated with the costs of the initial physiotherapy consultation, issuance of an entry card, towel, and training bag. The amount of the fee is specified in the CKR price list. § 7. TERMINATION CKR reserves the right to immediately terminate the provision of services under the Package if the continuation of service provision to the Client could harm the reputation and interests of CKR, especially in cases of aggressive or dangerous behavior, vandalism, or other behaviors inconsistent with social norms. § 8. OTHER PROVISIONS
  4. CKR has the right to temporarily suspend the provision of services and close the CKR facility in order to carry out conservation work, renovations, or other necessary actions.
  5. The opening hours of the CKR facility may change, and CKR will inform the Clients about any changes to the best of its ability with a one-week notice.
  6. CKR provides clients with the care and advice of physiotherapists during the opening hours of the CKR facility.
  7. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, substances affecting blood circulation and cellular metabolism, as well as the use of sedatives, are strictly prohibited on the entire CKR premises. It is necessary to report the use of medications that may affect the course of training (such as antihistamines, beta-blockers, etc.).
  8. Lending the entry card to another CKR client or a third person is prohibited.
  9. CKR employs technical means to ensure the recording of images for the safety of employees or property protection.

*Individual Training Studios of Centrum Kompleksowej Rehabilitacji Sp. z o.o. may differ in their scope.

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