Physiotherapy is one of the forms of physical medicine, used to treat and prevent musculoskeletal disorders. Physiotherapy uses physical and thermal factors, which occur in nature, as well as solar radiation and devices that generate thermal energy, light and laser radiation, low-, medium- and high-frequency currents, and ultrasounds.

The role of physiotherapy in rehabilitation

Physiotherapy is a non-invasive method of treatment used in the conservative treatment of many diseases. Physical treatments:

  • reduce pain
  • have an anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling effect
  • accelerate healing processes
  • activate metabolic processes.

We provide services in the field of physiotherapy under a contract with the National Health Fund (NFZ) and for a fee.

Physiotherapy is used in patients with degenerative joint diseases, rheumatic, neurological, laryngological diseases, respiratory and circulatory diseases and after injuries.

We are offering the following therapeutic and rehabilitation procedures:

Electric currents – electrostimulation, interference currents, DD, TENS, iontophoresis, galvanization.
Action: anti-inflammatory, painkilling, prevention of muscle atrophy, reduction of increased muscle tone.

Magnetic field – low and high frequency
Action: anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling, stimulates fusion of bones, affects the healing of skin lesions, accelerates the absorption of hematomas, affects blood vessels.

Laser radiation.
Action: biostimulating – accelerates the healing of wounds and ulcers, stimulates fusion of bones, painkilling, anti-inflammatory.

Cold treatment – Cryotherapy. It uses the effect of low temperatures in the range of -130 to -180 degrees Celsius, treatments performed locally or in a cryochamber.
Action: strong hyperaemia, anti-inflammatory, painkilling, anti-swelling and reduction in muscle tension.

Heat treatment – dry bath, sauna, paraffin treatments. The phenomenon of deep tissue congestion, vascular game causing acceleration of metabolism and the resulting adaptive phenomena – an increase in the number of red blood cells, an increase in the number of small vessels in internal.

Ultrasounds – mechanical vibrations that transfer energy to the diseased tissues.
Local and systemic effects: vasodilation, inhibition of inflammatory processes, effect on the nervous system, painkilling, reduction of muscle tone.

Hydrotherapy – the use of water on the human body – baths, pressure showers, whirlpool massages.
The therapeutic effect consists in relaxing tissues and muscles, improving blood circulation, relieving pain, and relaxation.

Physiotherapy is ordered by a doctor. It must be carried out under his control and under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

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