Manual therapy

Unlike conventional treatment – is one of the methods of physiotherapy and at the same time a holistic therapy. It consists of massaging and pressing the tissues in the paraspinal area, the therapist also moves the patient’s joints to unblock the muscles. The aim of manual therapy is not only temporary relief of ailments, but also the possible permanent improvement of the patient’s health by unblocking joints or parts of the spine and restoring normal mobility in the treated areas. Manual therapy is a natural and non-invasive method of treatment and diagnostics used in reversible dysfunctions of the elements that make up the locomotor system, such as muscles, joints, ligaments, and the spine.

Manual therapy is recommended whenever there is:

  • pain in the spine for example
  • degeneration and curvature of the spine
  • posture defects and neuralgia, fatigue, sleep deprivation.

It is also used after surgical procedures, such as cruciate ligament reconstruction, or recommended as a therapy supporting the treatment of a sick meniscus.

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