Active Biostimulation of Cells

Centrum Kompleksowej Rehabilitacji presents a therapy used by over 200 sports federations in the world and numerous clinics, hospitals and cabinets. Thus far, there have been over 150 scientific publications and about 70 clinical studies on the effectiveness of Active Biostimulation of Cells.

Active Biostimulation of Cells is now available for our patients!

What is Active Biostimulation of Cells?

As a result of the search for more effective methods of pain and disability treatment, the advantages of modern physical therapy and the effectiveness of manual therapy were combined. This is how the Active Biostimulation of Cells treatment based on the Proionic® 448kHz System was created.

Therapeutic effects after the procedure include: muscle relaxation, reduction of swelling in places of injuries, accelerated regeneration of damaged tissues, reduction of pain, sense of relaxation as a result of feeling pleasant warmth.

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